Design is a never-ending process for change

We engage in service design, design management and develop design strategies.
We know how to match the right designers to different types of design challenges (design match-making). We also conduct specialist workshops in areas such as: Design Thinking, Service Design, Visual Thinking and Design-Driven Innovation.

design management

We assist with how you might differentiate your product or service through good design

We realise design audits and develop detailed analysis, which demonstrates how your company (or institution) may employ design on a daily basis. We develop recommendations and help come up with a plan for developing design strategies within your organisation. We showcase how you may differentiate in the market place through well designed products, services and visual communication. We employ Design Thinking as a systematic approach to innovation by identifying opportunities for incorporating design into organisational culture.

service design

We seek simple solutions
based on real human needs

We run projects using the service design thinking approach.
Service design involves integrating all elements that a user interacts with while using a service (so-called touch points). We develop efficient solutions based on the real needs of users, outlined through adequate research. We support companies that plan to change client service processes, want to create an outstanding experience for their customers, plan to introduce new ways of engagement. We simplify communications through the use of visualisation. We realise all our projects in close collaboration with our corporate and institutional clients, where dedicated teams follow through on all stages of the design process.

design match-making

We match the right designers to specific challenges

Design is a very wide field and designers represent many different competencies. Often, companies and organisations, which want to commence collaborations with a designer, don’t know where to start, how to identify the right designer or a studio. We help to specify which design competencies will be needed for a project and suggest a designer or a design company, with the right experience, abilities and personality, that will work best for your needs.


We encourage new, creative ways of working

We have extensive experience in conducting workshops on Service Design, Design Thinking & Visual Thinking (use of visualisation in your daily work). Our workshop offer is aimed at companies and institutions, which aspire to work on projects using designers’ methods and tools, as well as those who are ready to create and implement innovation. We run workshops based on our ready-to-go scenarios, as well as develop bespoke training programs.



Magda Kochanowska

Design Strategist & Partner

Magda is a Product and Visual Communication Designer and with Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi a co-founder of service and consulting agency DESIGN PROVISION. She specializes in in-depth planning and outlining designing processes with the strong emphasis in the Service Design area.


With substantial experience and practical knowledge of various design methodologies, she works freely within creation of processes, products and services. Magda produces and develops numerous projects and runs introductory workshops to share theoretical and practical skills within Design Thinking, Service Design, Visual Thinking, Design-Driven Innovation. Creates design audits and actively takes part in supporting companies and organizations in building up and expanding cooperations with designers. Since 2005 Magda has been lecturing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Design, where she completed her PhD in 2010. As a Associate Professor, she runs sessions on Theory and Criticism of Design, Contemporary Design and its methodologies. She had been a lecturer at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Collegium Civitas, SWPS University, author of numerous publications design affiliated and member of a jury in design competitions.

Magda is proficient in Spanish and fluent in English.
She is into contemporary music and cherish her free time at the Philharmonic.



Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

Design Strategist & Partner

Weronika is a Design Strategist and with Magda Kochanowska, co-founder of service and consulting agency DESIGN PROVISION. She accomplishes wide range of diverse projects, audits and workshops in building and supervising design strategies, Design Thinking, Service Design along with Educational Design field, across private and public sector companies.


Weronika has built up an extensive experience, working for a number of highly profiled companies i.a. Design Council in London as a Project Manager, leading strategies across education, business, technology transfer offices and public sectors. She has been a lecturer in Design Management at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Design, Service Design at the SWPS University. Weronika is a Program Committe (PC) member at School of Ideas in Warsaw.

Weronika is proficient in English and Brazilian Portuguese, knows elements of German and French.
She love brazilian music and is emotionally and professionally linked with Brazil.




Alicja Gackowska

Senior Service Designer

Alicja as a Service Designer, creates human-centered innovative solutions at DESIGN PROVISION. Throughout the projects she implements Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design methodologies, whereas she is an expert in Conceptual Design and quick prototyping.


She knows very well Design Research tools. Alicja studied at a prominent Politecnico di Milano, where she successfully graduated in Product-Service-System Design. She also studied Interior Designer, alumni from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In the period of 2011-2014 she collaborated with the influential, architecture studio in Milan, Migliore + Servetto Architects, designing exhibition scenography and holistic experience in the museum environment.

Alicja speaks English and Italian in proficiency level.
She loves lonesome travelling (enjoy good company too) and Italian cuisine.



Agata Nowotny

Senior Design Researcher

Agata is a Sociologist, with hands-on knowledge, she is involved in cooperation with private and public institutions, industrial, communication and service designers. At DESIGN PROVISION she supervises research phase throughout the projects, runs workshops and inspirational sessions for employees, which stimulate the ways of thinking and enable to generate new solutions.


In her work she combines her instinctive curiosity and researching methods with ability of precise establishment and execution of the project. Specializes in qualitative research, with certain attention to anthropology and sociology fields, trend analysis and creative methods of performance.
Agata conduct her design experience, while lecturing and writing, she is actively involved in the evolution process of the Polish Design Environment.
She built pioneering at the time in Poland, Design Research Programme for the School of Form in Poznan, created series of interdisciplinary conferences ‘NIEwidzialny DIZAJN’ and held position of Editor In Chief of design, business and technology related magazine Futu. Agata has been collaborating and lecturing across universities, running a design reading room and meeting space at the IDEPE (Instytut Działań Projektowych).

Agata fluently speaks English and Italian.
She admires the time when she can discover rare, exceptional places and drive across Poland without GPS.




Anteja Klimek

Service Designer / Researcher

Anteja is an Industrial Designer, at DESIGN PROVISION executes projects, where crucial is deep investigation/examination of an issue and user needs-works as an Insight Strategist and UX Designer.


She completed her studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, where for her final diploma, held a self-initiated research among women in remission from breast cancer and process of enhancing their emotional self-recovery. Anteja specializes in research, forecasting and analyzing socio-cultural trends, decoding methods, designing strategies and visual language, therefore stimulating and generating meaningful insights and designing user experiences. Anteja parallely carry out projects in London and Warsaw.

She fluently speaks English, well German and Russian.
Her passion is vintage car restoration, loves to cook and listening to jazz.











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